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Swarmir Sunrise Alarm Clock,Sun Simulation Wake up Light,16 Natural Sounds and 9 Lighting Effects, White Noise Machine , for Heavy Sleepers Compatible,Teenage Boys Ideas Gifts for Teen Girls

【Sound Machine Alarm Clock】: Swarmir has created a smart alarm clock for the bedroom that integrates white noise, sunrise alarm clock, smart APP, and night light. It simulates a sunrise by adjusting the light from 0% to 100%, so you wake up relaxed and energized, and light therapy can greatly relieve the symptoms of depression in seasonal patients. 【Dual Alarm Clock & Snooze Function】: You can set two different alarm clocks, the times of alarm repetitions and the length of the snooze, etc. according to the different work and rest time of the family. 12/24 hours time system. A variety of snooze mode function options to get an extra 8-15 minutes of sleep time. (Snooze time can be adjusted). 【Color Lighting Sleep Sound Effect】: Soothing sound effects, brand new transparent fully enclosed shell, unique sound cavity sound system, inspired by nature, release more layered sound effects, cicadas and bonfires, streams and birds, listening to the waves at sea, modes including Rainbow, Sun, Eclipse, Neon, Greenware, Breath, Aurora, Sea, Spectrum.